RaaS™ Pro: Click & Try before you Buy

HCM Reporting as a Service – Professional HR Reporting at Your Fingertips

After a long winter, we guarantee a pleasant spring with RaaS™ Pro:

From today, you can get your strategic HR Reporting via the Cloud, and enjoy a free trial with up to 3 users for 2 months.

If you're not happy with RaaS™ Pro, you can simply stop using the solution at any time during the first two months. But if you find you can’t do without our Strategy Cockpits and Dashboards after your two month trial, then simply take up a monthly subscription to our RaaS Pro service.

Perhaps you are just planning the introduction of an HR BI system, but you are not sure of the best approach, especially in the current uncertain economic climate? Or maybe you’re finding it hard to convince your HR management and board of directors of the necessity to invest in such a system? Then simply start by using RaaS Pro for free for 2 months, with your own test data. We put our system at your disposal as a “sand pit” with many dashboards and cockpits that other customers have found useful. This allows you to quickly test potential scenarios for your HR Reporting and answer any questions you might have. We would be happy to help you explain the benefits of RaaS™ Pro to others within your organization. If you opt for RaaS Pro after your test/trial period, you can be up and running immediately by simply exchanging your test data with your productive data. And you still don’t need to invest in hardware or software; you simply pay a monthly usage fee.

The decision to move to professional HR Reporting couldn’t be much simpler!

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Or send us an email: info@raas-hcm.com

Would you like to know more about how to get key performance indicators, dashboards and cockpits based on your operational HR data, quickly and easily? Then ask about our webinars on RaaS™ that describe the specifics of this cloud service for strategic HR Reporting.

We are preparing the timetable for these webinars and will be providing more information soon.


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